Madhu Basu
Born in Kolkata (Calcutta) India

Studied : Indian Art College, Kolkata (Calcutta),
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSBA) (1989-1991)


Works and lives in Paris (FR)






• Painting Award of jury, Brive city art competition, « Brive creation 2013 » contemporary art (FR)



• Painting Award « Viry-Chatillon city » Contemporary Art Show (FR)



• Ille and Vilaine District Arward , Saint-Gregory city Grand Award Painting Competition (FR)
• War and Peace Award at Delta Gallery, Paris (FR)
• Corbeil-Essonnes city Award , 2nd International  Biennial of Contemporary Art Exhibition (FR)



• Radio OF'M Award, « Itinerary's » Art show, Levallois-Perret city (FR)



• 3rd award Maurice Quentin de laTour , International Biennal of Pastel ,

Saint-Quentin city (FR)






Exhibition« Divine faith»(solo) Academy of fine arts,Kolkata (In)
Exhibition « Eye on India» Paris 6th Counsil, (FR)
Exhibition « GOLD» Opera Gallery,Dubai (EU)



Exhibition «All uniform » Nomad gallery , Arles town (FR)
Exhibition « Multinational dialogue» Dimitrie Gusti national village museum , Bucharest (Romania)
• Exhibition Vendmiaire’s Thirty-years , St Mathieu de Treviers (FR)



«Universal Arty food »(solo) Organized by Brive city municipal art plastic center (FR)
Roscoff city Art show, Exhibition organized by Roscoff Art and cultural association (FR)



Artvie gallery ,International engraving & drawing show , 19th century exhibition center , Paris (FR)
« Varition in the circle » Modern & contemporary art fund , Boris vian art forum , Montlucon (FR)
Carte blanche to Madhu Basu , Hotel Dieu, Brie-Comte- Robert city , Seine & Marne district (FR)
« Singularity » Hotel Rochegude & Guetteurs association, Albi city (FR)
« Open your eyes » 20th development of the art, Avignon city (FR)
« Affordable art fair » Singapore, Envi art gallery, Paris (FR)



« Series & Variation »,Contemporary Art show, Verrieres-le-Buisson city (FR)
« Brive Creation2013 »,Contemporary Art show, Brive - la - Gaillard city (FR)
10th Contemporary Art show, Serres (FR)



4th edition of Contemporary Art show , Albi (FR)
9th Contemporary Art show, Serres (FR)



« kolkata - Madrid » Gallery Insula , Paris (FR)
Kreis museum , Peine (DE)
3rd India Art Summit , Gallery Exhibit320, New Delhi , Curated by

Shaheen Merali



• Gallery Franancoise Souchaud(solo), Lyon city (FR)
• « Besides Paris » curated by Shaheen Merali , Birla Academy, Kolkata
• Artnim art Faire, 11th edition, Gallery Francoise Shouchad



• Gallery olivier Nouvellet , Paris (solo) (FR)
• « Essential » Galerie Insula , Yeu Island (FR)
• « The Black is a color » Bastille design center , organised by Gallery Insula (FR)
• « Eternal India » Arts of Carrefour , Normandie (FR)

80th Anniversary of Indan-Institut , Munich, organised by

gallery Muller-Palate (DE)



• Jacques-Prevert art forum , Traverse Association , Mers-les-Bains (solo) (FR)
• « MOSAIC » Choice of Christan Noorbergen (art critic)
• Harmony art show, Mumbai
• 10th annversary exhibition of gallery Muller-Palate, Munich (DE)



• East-by-east Gallery, Paris (solo) (FR)
• MAC2007, Paris (FR)
• Comparison Art show, 19th century exhibition center in Paris (FR)
• Harmony art show, Mumbai
• 25 contemporay Indian Artists, Zurabe Tsereteli art gallery and Russian Academy of Arts , Moscow



• OBJ'M Galerie, Lyon city, (solo) (FR)
• Lieu-dit arts Gallery, west France(solo) (FR)
• « ASIA » , Cardo contemporary art Gallery, Reims city (FR)
• Artists of India, Courbouly Center of art, le Mans city (FR)
• Auz Arts show, Auz city Tolosan , Toulouse (FR)
• CRAC, 10th Biennial of contemporary Arts , Champigny-sur-Marne (FR)
• The Biennial of Lions , Lyon-Turin (FR, IT)



• Crous fine-arts Gallery, Paris (solo) (FR)
• MAC2005, Paris (FR)
• Indian Artists in France, India House, Paris (FR)
• « The ephemeral studio » GRENADE advertising agency, Puteaux city (FR)



• Grand Gallery, Viry-Chatillon city, (solo) (FR)
• « Entracte » Cultural Centre of Sable-sur-Sarthe city, (FR)
• Municipality Cultural Center, Gentilly city, (solo) (FR)
• Indian Artist for the France,Alliance Francaise and French Embassy, Delhi   
• MIAC Puls Art, Le Mans city, (FR)
• South-East art show, Lyon city, (FR)
• Autumn art show, Paris (FR)
• « Lions in Lyon, homage to World » organised by Emma Productions (FR)



• Multimedia Library Gallery, Saint-Gregoire city, (solo) (FR)
• Delta Gallery, Paris, (solo) (FR)
• Romain-Rolland Gallery, Delhi Alliance Francaise (solo)
• MAC 2000, Espace Auteuil, Paris (FR)
• « Centenary » Autumn art show, Espace Auteuil , Paris  (FR)
• 3rd European Contemporary Art Fair, organized by Art-Metz , (FR)
• Gallery White Elephant , Paris (FR)
• « Emergence » organized by Vanves city (FR)
• MIAC Puls Art, Le Mans city (FR)
• Contemporary art show, Viry-Chatillon city (FR)



• MontmArt Foundation and MAOH , Neuilly Sur Seine(solo) (FR)
• The Art Gallery, Corbeil-Essonnes (solo) (FR)
• 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art , Corbeil-Essonnes (FR)
• Autumn art show, Espace Auteuil , Paris (FR)
• International Grand Award Painting competition ,Saint-Gregory city (FR)
• 13th International Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
• Jacques-Prevert Art forum, Traverse Association , Mers-les-Bains (solo) (FR)



• MAC 2000, Espace Auteuil , Paris (FR)
• 10th Biennial of 109, Contemporary Art Exhibition , Paris (FR)
• 1st European Contemporary Art Fair, organized by Art.Metz , (FR)
• « India, Art of Cross roads » Gallery F.H. Art Forum , Paris (FR)
• Itinerant Exhibition (2000-2002) organized by « Contemporary seniors and youngs Art show » in the following countries : France, Luxembourg, Venezuela, Republique Dominicaine, Togo, Croatie, Taiwan, South Korea



« Confluence » Alternative Art Gallery, Kolkata (solo)
Serio Vittorio Art Gallery, Paris (solo) (FR)
May Art show, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)
AutomneArt Show, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)
« 40th Contemporary seniors and youngs » Art show, Paris (FR)
1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Corbeil-Essonnes (FR)



• « Universal-Men » Theatre Art Gallery Vanves city (solo) (FR)
• 10th International Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
• MAC 2000, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)



• « MAGMA » Espace Lino-Ventura, Garge-les-Gonesse city (solo) (FR)
• Exhibition and auction by National Association for the Blinds, Mumbai
• Exhibition « City Arts, » Hundred Years of Aube Artistic Society, Troyes (FR)
• « 150th Anniversary of Communist Act » organized by French Communist Party, Paris (FR)
• Exhibition « Contre le racisme » organized by General Worker union (FR)
• « 50Years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights » Paris Comity (CGT) (FR)
• MAC 2000, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)



« 3rd Festival of Artists » organized by Paul-Ricard
Contemporary Art show of Bagneux city (FR)
Biennial of South 92, Issy-les-Moulineaux (FR)
« The portrait in the year 2000 » Salon d'Arts Plastiques de Marne-la-Valley,

Noisy-le-grand (FR)

51th Salon de Mai, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)



• « Universal-Men » Molesmes Abbey (solo)(FR)
• « Others Glance » Galerie High-Pave, Paris (FR)
• «Painters workshop » organized by Museumart magazine and Paul-Ricard(FR)
• «The secret of Pastellistes » Saint-Quentin city (FR)
• 50th May Art show, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)

«Itinerary » art show, Levallois-Perret city (FR)



• Espace Gaity Montparnasse, Paris (solo) (FR)
• Forum of University Paris XIII, Villetaneuse city(solo) (FR)
• «Contemporary Grands and youngs Art show » Espace Eiffel-Branly,Paris (FR)
• Marne-la-Valley Artshow, Noisy-le-Grand city (FR)

84th Art show of'Aube Artistic Society, Troyes city (FR)



• Gandhara  art Gallery, Kolkata (solo)
• 4th International Biennal of Pastel, Saint-Quentin city (FR)
• 64th Contemporay spring time Art show, Clichy city (FR)
• Marne-la-Valley Artshow, Noisy-le-Grand city (FR)



"At the Souvenir of France", Organized French Embassy and Lalit Kala Akademi, New-Dehli



• Paul Ricard Cultural Espace, Paris (solo) (FR)


1991   • Ile-de-France 3rd Forum of Arts Plastic, Les Ulis et Aubervilliers city (FR)





Viry-Chatillon City (FR)
LeMans City (FR)
Gentilly City (FR)
Association Sept Lezards, Paris (FR)
Corbeil-Essonnes City (FR)
MontmArt Foundation, Paris (FR)
The Tamil Cultural Association in The Reunion Island, (FR)

Association of Plastic Art, Marne-La-Valley, (FR)
Caisse d'Epargne, Saint-Mathieu de Treviers (Herault), (FR)
Represented in several private collections in India, France, USA, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Luxemburg, Japan.



Press Articles



Lyon CAPITAL • Artension No7 • BBC • Statesman • Telegraph • Times of India • Deshe Patrika • First City • Catalogue de E.R.C.A (Seine Saint-Denis) • Ananda Bazar Patrika • Metro Lyon • Paris Capital • Lyon Mag • Azart Magazine • World panorama magazine • News India • Museart Magazine • India Magazine • Match du Monde, (Paris Match) • Contemporary Object, special edition AZART Magazine • Luxe Immo n°2 (Luxury Real Estat & Contemporary Art magazine) • 100Artists100 paris, special edition, Artension magazine • Sunday Business Standard